Ready to find out if training at AMP is the perfect fit for your epic fitness journey?


Our coaches will help you nail your fitness goals and empower you to become healthier, more confident, and help you live your best life!

Semi-Private Personal Training

Our semi-private model gives you all of the benefits of personal training, but in a fun, more cost-effective small group setting that breeds camaraderie.

Team Training

Team training sessions are designed to help you get stronger, move like a ninja and and burn fat in groups of no more than 8 clients.  We customize sessions for both beginners and advanced athletes.  You’ll leave each session feeling like a superhero!


Physical Therapy

We are proud to provide an integrated system of Physical Therapy services along with our expert personal training in order to help you safely achieve all of your health and performance goals.

Want to NAIL your kettlebell technique?  Here are some tutorials to get you started.

“For the first time in a long time I was starting to be comfortable with my body again and started appreciating my strengths instead of constantly seeing the problems.”
“AMP is not a gym.  It’s a community where people care and help each other out.  It’s normal people of all types of shape and sizes doing awesome things.”