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Inclusive and affordable group fitness for everyone.

Our coaches will help you nail your fitness goals and empower you to become healthier, more confident, and live your best life!

IMG_2702Semi-Private Personal Training

Our semi-private model gives you all of the benefits of personal training, but in a fun, more cost-effective small group setting that breeds camaraderie.

IMG_4331Team Training

Team training sessions are designed to help you get stronger, and move like a ninja and and burn fat in groups of no more than 8 clients.  We customize sessions for both beginners and advanced athletes.  You’ll leave each session feeling like a superhero!

GHERPhysical Therapy

We are proud to provide an integrated system of Physical Therapy services along with our expert personal training in order to help you achieve all of your health and performance goals.

Hear what Melissa has to say about being an AMP superhero….

“I look forward to coming to train at AMP all week long. This is by far the best thing I’ve ever done for myself!”


Join the AMPed Nutrition
Group with Lindsay.

In this 10 week nutrition mentorship program we will provide you with all the coaching, love, support, and tools necessary to achieve a better relationship with food in order to live your best life.  We’ll help you lose some fat, get energized, and find out how to truly eat foods that make you feel amazing!


“This is THE place to go. The AMP team is passionate about what they do and they live and breath fitness, nutrition and healthy living so you can be your best. They don’t preach to you but rather they partner with you. Whatever your goals are, they will help you meet them.”


- Mary Truslow, Recruiter

“I have struggled with weight and eating habits my whole adult life. I needed a place that I could get both a great workout and nutrition support. AMP nailed it and helped me focus on being aware of what I was eating.  I needed to be more mindful and to this day I still am!”


- Janine Palmer, financial analyst

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What is semi-private training?  Do I need my own group?

The semi-private training model allows you to have all the perks of a one-on-one training session without the extravagant price.  Each client will work from their own program under the supervision of an expert coach while 2 other clients perform their own individual workout.

You are not required to set up your own group but if you would like to train with friends or coworkers we can easily arrange the schedule to accommodate!

Who is AMP Fitness for?

Becoming a part of the #AMPfamily is for anyone who wants truly wants to embark on an epic fitness journey to live their best life.  We start each client exactly where they are no mater what age, shape, or fitness level and help them focus on getting a little better every day.

Do you offer open or regular ‘gym’ memberships?

We do not offer regular gym memberships.  What we are trying to do is set ourselves apart from other ‘regular’ big-box gyms in the area and in order to provide our clients with a great training atmosphere and superior results.  Everyone will train under the expert guidance of one of our coaches to ensure the greatest possible results.

Do you offer men/women only sessions?

No – We foster an inclusive atmosphere where all ages, genders and beliefs are accepted equally. Training with a diverse group leads to a more holistic fitness experience for all.

Still have questions? Email our superhero happiness team here: membership@ampfitnessboston.com

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