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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We have a 100% happiness promise at AMP so if you're not having fun, learning things, getting results or you change your mind for any reason, we’ll give you a complete refund.  We won’t be offended, we just want you to be happy and kick butt on your fitness journey. And to help, we’ll even sit down with you and help you find something that would be more your style. Yup, we’re that serious and committed to helping you get fit!

“Is team training like a typical group fitness class?”

Our group classes are kept small purposely (up to 8 clients max per session) in order to provide each participant with world-class coaching.  This way we’re able to modify exercises if necessary for each participant to ensure you train safe.

Both beginners and advanced athletes will be able to train to the best of their ability to make progress and reach their fitness goals. We help you nail the proper technique first and build you up to more advanced training like kettlebell swings and snatches.

"What  Training Sessions Do You Offer?"


This is where we help you nail the fundamentals of bodyweight and kettlebell training.  It’s great for both beginners AND advanced trainees looking to improve their foundation and build a solid core.


This is our version of metabolic conditioning that is guaranteed to get your heart rate up, burn calories and make you sweat!  We combine interval training, kettlebell swings and bodyweight circuits to help you torch fat and move like a ninja!

AMP is not a scary ‘no one knows your name’ kind of gym. It’s everything but that. Not only do the coaches say hello when you walk in the door, but the other members do too. It is such a warm and welcoming environment where everyone wants to know your name.
- Janine


AMP Camp

This is our version of a traditional bootcamp we set up with a wide-variety of tools like TRX, sleds, ropes, medicine balls, sandbags, kettlebells and more.  You will work hard in this studio-wide, interval-based circuit!

Kettlebell Training

Get stronger and nail your fitness goals by training safely with our StrongFirst kettlebell instructors. Kettlebell training is the perfect tool to help busy professionals build strength, power, mobility, core strength and melt fat!


That all sounds great, how do I get started?!