As an AMP Member, you know that the key ingredient in our secret sauce is in the awesome humans that make up our community. Since we opened in 2014 we’ve remained a hidden gem in Boston and much like a secret underground society, much of our growth has been from word of mouth from Members like you who have convinced their friends to come join the fitness party.

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To be quite honest, this is exactly how we like it. It has allowed us to inject our studio with the positive vibes, inclusivity, and overwhelming sense of community. We’re firm believers that the right people always show up and others will follow. By relying on the incredible Members that make up our #AMPfamily to select those who they think would be the perfect fit we’ve been able to grow in just the right way to maintain the magic.

We also understand that there are many fitness options in Boston and we appreciate both your support and introducing those you love into our community. Not spending all the dollars on traditional marketing has allowed us to keep our rates well below comparable private training studios.

To show our gratitude, we’d love to help you save and are pleased to announce our updated referral reward program. Going forward, every time you introduce a first timer who signs up for a Membership…

They save $50 off their first month + YOU save $50 off your next Membership payment!

To receive the credit, your fabulous friend just needs to give us your name as the referring Member when they sign up. Then we’ll apply the discount to your next payment and follow up in email to let you know how awesome you are!


Want an easy way to refer your friends to AMP?

Click the link below and we’ll send your friends the details of our referral offer.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your ongoing support of AMP Fitness. It truly means a lot and we’re eternally grateful.

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The Fine Print: This offer may only be redeemed by current Members who refer a first timer. A ‘current Member’ is any Member currently on a 3 or 12-month Membership agreement. A ‘first timer’ is anyone who has never had a 3 or 12-month Membership before.

This offer is only valid on full price 3 or 12-month Memberships. It cannot be combined with any other offers. First timers are able to list one (1) current Member at the time of initial sign-up.

From September 8-September 30, 2019, all current Members will receive $100 off their next full price Membership payment for each new Member who lists them as their referrer.