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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We have a 100% happiness promise at AMP so if you're not having fun, learning things, getting results or you change your mind for any reason, we’ll give you a complete refund.  We won’t be offended, we just want you to be happy and kick butt on your fitness journey. And to help, we’ll even sit down with you and help you find something that would be more your style. Yup, we’re that serious and committed to helping you get fit!

What exactly is 'Semi-Private' Personal Training?

Semi-private training is our version of one-on-one training without the ridiculously high cost.  We believe that expert coaching shouldn’t just be available to elite athletes and the uber rich.  We provide a great way for you to get the coaching you need to nail your fitness goals, break  through plateaus, and have a great time doing it so you can look, move, and feel your best!

At AMP Fitness, you will find our coaches pride themselves on being in the top 1% of the fitness industry. We take the time necessary to be the best in the area and are continuously looking for ways to make your experience and RESULTS better.

What do I get?

Individualized Programming

Each semi-private training Member receives a 4-6 week training program that is custom tailored by one of our expert coaches based on your goals, needs, experience, and ability.  It’s also designed for your sessions at AMP and days you would train at home or at a home gym.  No more days of walking into the gym not knowing what to do!

1-on-1 Attention to Detail

What if you could get the same attention to detail as 1-on-1 personal training in a small group  atmosphere?  In semi-private training sessions our expert coaches will help you nail your technique and coach your towards your goals while you train with up to two other clients.  This way we can make personal training more accessible, more cost-effective, and more fun!

A Whole Team of Coaches

Since you’re hiring a team of expert coaches, you’ll have the opportunity to train with one or all of us.  We’ve found this to provide superior results since each coach has their own unique background and coaching style.  Another benefit is that if one of our coaches are out sick or on vacation you’re still able to train since there will always be someone here to coach!

AMP is not a gym. It’s a community where people truly care aobut your success as a person. Everyone who trains here is amazing and are just average people that end up doing incredible things. The coaches are silly but super attentive and help you learn and have fun. I always wanted a big family and now I got one!!
- Priyank

Not sure if semi-private personal training at AMP is for you? Schedule a FREE 60-minute Strategy Session where we can help you find out!