The AMPed 8-Week Nutrition Program is designed to equip you with the skills necessary to understand your body, burn fat, build sustainable healthy habits while being part of a supportive community.  If you feel like you’ve tried everything and haven’t found success, look no further.  This program is designed for YOU!

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Sustainable Results!

“The AMPed program helped me realize that some of my beliefs, rules and relationships with food was not healthy for me. As a result, we shifted my goals from weight loss to optimum health.”
- Megan

We want you to be SUPER happy & healthy!

The world of health and fitness can be overwhelming.  You want to lose or gain weight and it seems pretty simple, but you quickly find it challenging to get sustainable results that fit it into your lifestyle.  Sound familiar?

Without taking the time to fit the basic strategies to your life style and understand how your body works you resort to “easy and quick” strategies such as strict meal plans and food restrictions.  These easy and quick strategies will work to change your physic but they leave you hustling to hit the finish line and leave you without skills to carry them through the rest of your life.  This ends with quick results that don’t last and leave you feeling worse.

It’s time to really understand what your body needs and explore a sustainable approach to weight loss.


What makes AMP Fitness different?


Expert Nutrition Coaching

Our very own Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, Lindsay, will guide and educate you on your journey.


Sustainable Results

This program is designed for YOUR body and YOUR health goals.  Individualized coaching will help you create your own habits and success!


Group Accountability

Along with your coach, you will be part of a supportive group who are on a similar journey right beside you.  Community is a key factor in long-term success!

You will learn to...

Develop healthy habits and self-awareness about how food makes YOU feel so you can learn to eat for YOUR body and YOUR health goals.  We’ll teach you that when it comes to he most important “exercises” of the week are grocery shopping, meal prep, and planning.  This will help you eliminate the guilt associated with what you should be doing.

This 8-Week nutrition lifestyle course will help you repair your relationship with food for sustainable, long-term success so you can get out there and live your best life!


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