Are you looking for a nutrition coaching program that is completely customized based on YOUR personality, YOUR habits, and YOUR lifestyle?

One that will help you still enjoy food (and life) while making progress towards YOUR goals?

Do you also wish you had an expert coach to guide you 24/7?

We’ve got a solution for you…

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There’s a saying in our industry about diets: “Everything works… until it doesn’t.”

There’s truth to this and the reality is that most diets ‘work’ when adhered to. But the problem is that most diets have hard rules and force you to change your life to fit the diet when it should be the other way around.

You end up eating foods you don’t like, following diet rules that you don’t understand, and feeling friction every step of the way. Each bump in the road or tiny setback feels like failure over and over again. This is where most people tend to give up.

If you’ve ever experienced this you may have felt frustrated, lost, or even mad. 😡

You’re not alone.

Here at AMP, we understand how important nutrition is to weight loss, toning up, managing general health factors like blood pressure or diabetes, mental health, or just finding more energy during the day to live your best life.

We believe that if you want to truly be successful with your nutrition game it’s time to try fitting it to YOUR lifestyle at YOUR pace. It should happen one step at a time so phrases like ‘derailment’ or ‘falling off the wagon’ aren’t in your vocabulary anymore.

We’ve learned a lot over the years through trial and error and coaching hundreds of AMP Members and people just like you towards better nutrition habits, a better mindset, and a better relationship with food.

We will admit, however, that not every program will work for every person so we got curious. The feedback we’ve received is that you’re looking for more individualization, more accountability, and more personal attention.

We hear you and that’s why we’re serving up a new approach…


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You’ll get virtually unlimited access to your coach when you need them by your preferred contact method - text message, Facebook Messenger, email, or carrier pigeon. You’ll also get two 15min phone or FaceTime coaching calls each month.

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Regular weekly check-ins and 24/7 will help you stay on track when you need it most. We’re here to help you feel successful every step of the way.

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Your coach will help you develop a plan and habits that work with YOUR lifestyle - not against it. We’ll help you continue to eat the foods you love while helping you discover to fit them into your eating style and goals.

Additional Group Support

You’ll also get access to our brand-new weekly Nutrition Coaching Meet-Up sessions at no additional cost (regularly $20/session). In a world full of automation and virtual meet ups, we believe that true in-person connection helps to see we’re not alone.

This is where you’ll find group support as we troubleshoot common sticking points and discuss what will help each person attending to be successful for the week ahead.

These are scheduled to be held each Wednesday with Lindsay from 5:00pm-6:00pm.

Since this is the launch group we’re offering a one-time only rate of $149/mo for a 3mo commitment before the normal rate becomes $199/mo. For those who would like to continue after the initial 3 months, there will be an alumni discounted rate and month-to-month commitment.

Our very own Coach Lindsay is exclusively coaching and running this program and since it is so individualized and high-touch, space is EXTREMELY limited due to the time commitment required.

If you want and/or NEED a higher level of nutrition coaching to nail your goals, make sure to sign up asap!

If you’re interested and have have any burning questions, email Lindsay HERE.

P.S. We also believe so strongly that you’ll love the guidance and support that we’re offering 100% money back if you’re not completely satisfied with the program.