Hi there, AMP Family Member!

Have you been kicking the tires trying to get your get a solid handle on your nutrition situation? If you're here, chances are that you're looking to make some big changes to your body. And if you’re training with us at AMP, you’re likely already NAILING the fitness part and may want a little more in terms of weight loss. We get it--you want to feel AND look your best and be a more confident YOU.

Remember fat loss rule #1: You can’t out train your diet!

Maybe you've been on autopilot for so long with your nutrition and health habits and want to refocus your efforts in a better direction. If so, FITCAMP might just be the program for you to start where you are making progress TODAY!

This results-driven 6-week program is designed to help you get results FAST with kick-ass training, laser-focused nutrition coaching, accountability, and an extra push to nail your fitness goals.

Results you get to keep, just like Jeff's...



  • 1on1 Intro Strategy Session to discuss goals, exercise history and learn about YOU to start with a plan!

  • Kickoff Fat Loss Workshop on Monday, August 26th from 5:00-6:00pm

  • Access to 15min check-in calls with Lindsay to troubleshoot sticking points.

  • Lindsay's simple and sustainable habit-based nutrition guide to learn all the things.

  • Weekly habit check-points to track progress.

  • Private Facebook Group for the Challenge.

  • Full support from the AMP Team.

  • Fun and 💪!

Yup. All that because we want you to have all the tools to get RESULTS and have experience similar to Liz…

ONLY $199 for current Members!


$50 Off EARLYBIRD until August 18th!

Use promo code: FIT50


"Even with a super busy life, I've been using the skills I learned from you all - the focus on habits, getting 1% better and having fun finally helped me get results AND be happy AF." - Leah


"My husband and I make it a point to show up for ourselves and each other. Physically, change takes time but the hard work pays off in ways I can't describe... it helps that it's fun." - Jeff


"The training, the coaches, the 'Super' people, and the complete energy of this place is truly magical.  My transformation took time but when you surround yourself with the right people the journey is INFINITELY better and you find that anything becomes possible." - Kate

Still not quite sure?  Hear what another AMP Member has to say...

Who is FITCAMP for?

Great question!

We designed this extra program for ANYONE who is looking for both a quick approach to body transformation and wants to learn some healthy new habits along the way to leave with a sustainable plan of attack.

We recommend FITCAMP when you have the time and energy to commit to immerse yourself in a full 6-week curriculum. This program is designed to help you gain a better knowledge of best fitness and nutrition practices and ultimately you’ll have to do a little work on your end.

So if that time is now, we’re beyond excited to help you get fit and burn fat and we’re sincerely committed to giving you all extra accountability to achieve your vision of success!


“I never really believed I had it in me to change and that way of thinking made me feel stuck. I learned that focusing on just getting 1% better allowed me to make progress day after day until I started to believe I could do it… and I still can. It’s SO worth it!” - Kara


“When I met the coaches and the folks working out (they call them superheroes), I realized that it was not a GYM I was joining, but rather a cool hangout place where not only I will get in shape, but I will make genuine friends and a solid support system.” -Priyank

Registration Ends SOON, Don't get FOMO!  

Sign ups until Friday, August 23rd

Early Bird by August 18th and save 10%!

Join the the next round of FITCAMP!


$50 Off EARLYBIRD until August 18th!

Use promo code: FIT50

Still unsure?

We’re here to answer any and all questions to help you find out if now is the right time for you to join a program like this. Just ask a coach, give us a call, or shoot us an email and we’re happy to chat. We’re also happy to meet for a cup of coffee. Mmmmm coffee…

Terms and Conditions: Space is limited. Registration ends Friday, August 23rd at 11:59 PM or until the last spot is sold out. 30-Day Money Back is only valid for first-time members. May not be combined with any other offers and may be revoked at any time.