Hi there! As you know, we LOVE receiving your feedback here at AMP Fitness and are very serious about getting 1% better every day. So we regularly take the time to go through all suggestions and feedback as a team. We created this page to share our responses because we do listen. So please, keep putting your suggestions in our box!

- Team AMP


January 2019

We could use more coat hangers in the ladies locker room for winter, please. Also, some ladies like to use the stools instead of lockers to hold their bag which makes it hard to get dressed.

We got you and ordered more hangers for the ladies locker room and we’ll craft a crafty sign to encourage freeing up the stools. We want your space to be functional!

December 2018

The shower on the left in the men’s room is spraying me in the face…not in a good way. Can you fix it?

YES! We plumbed it and the leaky shower is leaky no more. Thank you for the heads up.

More coat hangers in the ladies locker room for winter, please.

Done! You can now hang more things!

September 2018

I’m confused about what exactly a ‘Sherpa’ is and who is mine?! I want to know!

YES! Sherpa Gainz! To help, we put together this handy dandy new Membership video as part of our on boarding series. Check it out!

Can we have more tissues? I use all the tissues all winter. Please and thank you!

Yes! We got you and have ordered a whole bunch of tissues for the winter. We will build you a castle out of all of the boxes for your nose to stay happy AF during cold season.

August 2018

The seat is coming off one of the stools in the ladies room. And if possible, could we get one or two more stools in there since sitting space is limited?

Absolutely! We ordered 4 more (sturdier) stools and will have a couple of them for each locker room since the previous model didn't hold up. They will be arriving next week!

July 2018

The bench in the men's locker room is starting to fall apart. Can we get a new one pleeeeeeaaaassseee? (And thank you)

Thank you for pointing that out! We just ordered a new one and it should be arriving shortly. In the meantime, we removed the bench and put a couple chairs in there for your tuchuses.

The turf is starting to look a little dirty, even when it's vacuumed. Just sayin'.

We totally agree and while we do deep clean it once a year, we moved that date up a bit this year to get it clean AF. We want it to feel like lying in a bed of fresh grass so we brought in the deep cleaner and shampooed the fitness lawn.


June 2018

I love that Members like hanging out at the Studio between sessions but it's a distraction to me when I'm training. Can there be a designated hang-out area?

OMG we think this is a fantastic idea! We discussed as a team and decided to build out a lounge area next to the office for everyone to hang out when they're not training. We plan to chip away at this over the summer so stay tuned!

Have feedback for the Team? We'd love to hear it!