Hey there, Bostonian!

Have you been putting off getting your fitness under control? Maybe you've wanted to but just haven't had the time to fully commit. 

We get it--it's summer and time is limited to do all the outdoors-y things. And for most of us, it's super easy to get distracted by, well, having fun! Between traveling to the Cape 🏖, sipping on tropical cocktails 🍹, and eating way too much ice-cream 🍦...

.. you're feeling like it's about time to get back into a routine and work on building some better healthy habits re-focus on your fitness goals.

We want to help!

So we're offering our best deal ever to celebrate this year's Boston Social Fitness Festival and get ya'll moving and feeling your best!

You'll get one of our most popular packages that will give you a combination of (8) team-training classes and (4) personal training sessions that are guaranteed to jumpstart your fitness goals and get you burning fat, building muscle and learning best fitness practices to get sustainable results! Here's what you get:

  • $169 for (1) 1on1 Intro Session, (4) semi-private personal training sessions, and (8) team-training classes (regularly $421/mo)


  • 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • A whole team of expert coaches

  • and 💪

Our Team and our Members are excited to welcome you to Boston's friendliest and most inclusive training Studio so you can get back to living your fittest life and have fun with your training program. It's all about the process! 😉 

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So, what is training at AMP Fitness like, exactly?

No matter your current fitness level, we're here to meet you exactly where you are. At AMP, we're as excited to introduce absolute beginners to expert fitness as much as challenging those who are already fitness ninjas.  

You get a whole team of trainers (fitness-nerds) who there to guide you every step of the way who provide you with expert coaching so you're confident to know you're doing it right. That way you never have to feel lost in the gym again!

And each AMP member is super supportive, friendly, kind and genuinely excited to welcome new gym-goers with open arms. Everyone has different backgrounds, goals, and fitness levels and are on a similar journey of improving their fitness a little more each time they train. The community is definitely part of the #SecretSauce!

Your only job is to show up! Our job is to make sure you learn a ton and get the sustainable results your looking for.

Results you get to keep, just like Jeff's...


Our 30-Day Guarantee...

We totally think you'll love us but if we're not your jam and you're not having a ton of fun, learning new things, being challenged enough or nailing your fitness goals we'll give your money back.  Seriously.  You get a whole 30 days to take us for a test drive to make sure training at AMP is the right fit. We want to help you discover what's best for you! #TRUTH

Never trained with us?

Perfect, we love making new friends! First, we start any first timer with a 60-minute Strategy Session where we'll get to learn all about your fitness hopes and dreams and help design a plan for your fitness journey.  We'll also take you through a brief movement screen so we can can know how you're moving now and where to start with your training program.

Next, we have a welcome session where we'll introduce you to other members, get you ready to train with kettlebells and share all the tools you'll need to get started. That way when you come in for your first training session you'll be ready to kick butt and feel confident that you're doing things that will help you reach YOUR goals. Get ready to have fun!


Group Training Classes

The workouts are expertly designed to help you move better, burn  fat and nail your strength goals while having a hella good time.  We upgrade each session every 4 weeks to provide you with new challenges to help you make progress and get you THE BEST results!

Our group classes are kept small purposely (up to 8 clients max per session) in order to provide each participant with attention they need.  This way we’re able to modify exercises if necessary for each human to ensure you train safely and efficiently.

Semi-Private Personal Training.

Semi-private personal training is our version of one-on-one training without the ridiculously high cost. We customize your training program from the ground up and continuously adjust to help you make steady progress on your fitness journey.

It's a great way for you to get the personalized coaching you need to nail your fitness goals, break  through plateaus, and have a great time doing it so you can look, move, and feel your best!


Check out these SUPER Humans' results!


"Even with a super busy life, I've been using the skills I learned from you all - in particular the idea that fitness is fun and just focusing on getting 1% is truly the way to get sustainable results AND be happy AF." - Leah


"My husband and I make it a point to show up for ourselves and each other. Physically, change takes time but the hard work pays off in ways I can't describe... it helps that it's fun." - Jeff


"The training, the coaches, the 'Super' people, and the complete energy of this place is truly magical.  My transformation took time but when you surround yourself with the right people the journey is INFINITELY better and you find that anything becomes possible." - Kate


“When I met the coaches and the folks working out (they call them superheroes), I realized that it was not a GYM I was joining, but rather a cool hangout place where not only I will get in shape, but I will make genuine friends and a solid support system.” -Priyank

Not quite sure?  Hear what one of our Members has to say...

When I met the coaches and the folks working out at AMP I realized that it was not a GYM I was joining. Instead, it was a cool place to hangout where I can be myself, get in shape and make genuine friends and have a solid support system.
- Priyank

Ready for one full month of expert training for only $169?

Hurry! Offer Expires Friday, September 30th!

If an inclusive environment, friendly fitness experts and incredible results sounds like your jam, sign up today.

use promo code BOSTONFIT at checkout

Terms and Conditions: Space is limited. Registration ends Sunday, September 30th at 11:59 PM or until the last spot is sold out. Offer is available to first timers and this 30-Day Membership  includes (1) 1on1 Strategy Session, (8) group training classes and (4) Semi-Private personal training sessions. 30-Day Money Back is only valid for first-time members. May not be combined with any other offers and may be revoked at any time.

Former members not currently on a Membership may take advantage of this deal as part of a 3-Month commitment. The first month would be $169 and the remaining 2 months would be $421/mo for 4 semi-private sessions and 8 team training sessions. 30-Day Money Back is only valid for first-time members.