Where Do I Start To Get Better at Everything?

One of our main philosophies at AMP Fitness is Better Every Day.   The belief is that you can start where you are no matter what and get better every day whether it is your fitness, your nutrition, your body composition, your happiness, or any skill or ability.  It just takes time and patience and enjoyment of the journey. But before that can take place, there are a few things deep down that need to be addressed if you want to REALLY succeed on your epic quest we call life.  Basically if you want to look, move, and feel your best....start here.

Being a coach and student of psychology, I'm always looking for the best way to help each of our superheroes succeed in nailing their fitness goals and ultimately living their absolute best lives.  Sometimes this means doing some digging to find out where they are at in terms of their own innate needs as well as what may be preventing them from reaching their goals or may have blocked them in the past.

The question I ask is, "What is missing?"

The first step is to understanding the answer to that question is to find out if all basic human needs are being met and for that we use American psychologist Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs.  This is our phase 1.

Phase 1: Basic Human Needs

Maslow was an absolute psycho-ninja in his time and created this list to understand better what motivates people.  This is the hierarchy (note: it has been expanded on but this is the basic model) he created and believed that each baseline needed to be met in order to move to the next.  Here is Maslow's hierarchy of needs:


As you can see, physiological needs come first which I'm sure you can appreciate are super important to functioning as a human being.  This is also why we take high precedence on coaching sleep, water, and stress first before piling on too much fitness and nutrition stuff.  It's also why we include all those funky breathing drills in all of our sessions!

If that is met we look next to your overall health and social situation.  It's hard to live your best life if you're under constant stress of "will I be able to pay the bills?" and "will I have a job tomorrow?".

Love and belonging.  This is a HUGE piece of the puzzle and the main reason we created a place like AMP Fitness in the first place.  We wanted to create a community so loving and so awesome that people succeed just by walking in the doors!  #AMPfamily

And that is where the 'basic' needs portion of the pyramid stop.  If every need here is met, we can move into Phase 2.

Phase 2: BELIEVE and Live Your Best Life!

To go a little deeper into what we believe Maslow meant by self-esteem and self-actualization which go beyond basic needs.  These are the psychological needs and here is my epic pyramid-making skills to outline phase 2:

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 10.59.29 AM

At the base of the pyramid and what we believe to be the ultimate psychological need is belief!  This is where we're going deeeeeep into your soul to find out what you believe to be true.  And you know what?  Whatever that is, you're right!  Because whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right! (quote credit goes to Henry Ford)

This goes along with Maslow's self-esteem and where we recommend doing the most work up front if you want to reach ultimate glory and live your dreams!  Where many people go wrong is they skip this step almost completely and move right to taking action.  It's also why most people don't get the results they want and give up and going back to doing what they've always done.  And getting the results they've always gotten.

As Bruce Lee says, "You must empty your cup so that it may be filled; become devoid to gain totality."

Basically you can't be taught what you already know.  Reaching results you don't believe you can reach is therefor impossible.

Self Limiting Beliefs

Once you empty your cup, you'll almost be able to move to taking action but there is one more thing that you must understand.  Our subconscious is a complete asshole who's only function is to keep us alive. <- Tweet that

Our beliefs are essentially our subconscious stories we tell ourself about what we really think about the world and 'how it is'.  So when you want to change your actions or habits, you're fighting upstream.  This is just happens to be the place where we will create the biggest impact but only once we bust through our self-limiting beliefs.


A self-limiting belief is basically the story you've been telling yourself your whole life outlining the way it is. Most of the decisions you make, you've already made but you just don't realize it so your subconscious justifies it for better or worse.  It's a two way street and can either help you crush your goals or cockblock you from reaching them.

Want to know something cool?

You can totally change that story by working on changing those self limiting beliefs!  All you have to do is BELIEVE!!!!

Remember how I told you that your subconscious can be a total asshole?  I wasn't kidding but that's a story (and blog post) for another day.  Right now all you need to know is once you change your beliefs you can move to the next step, which is understanding that you can get better every day!

Get Better Every Day

I wrote about this here but the basic philosophy that we hold in our hearts at AMP is that no matter where you are with your fitness, in life, and on your epic journey you can start where you are RIGHT NOW and get a little better each day.  Bit by bit.

That's a powerful thing to understand and for good reason.  This will not only allow you to, well, get better but to also enjoy the journey.

Being a personal training and self actualized in fitness, I LOVE being in the gym and learning everything about training and human performance.  We understand that not everyone is a "gym-rat" and wants to crush deadlifts any chance they get.  And that's okay!  We don't expect you to, maybe ever!

But if we can help you understand that you can get better than you were yesterday on a daily basis and see both tangible and intangible progress, perhaps even enjoy the process a little, you'll succeed far beyond your wildest dreams.

Your Challenge: Take Action

Once you nail your basic needs, get out there and commit to getting better at one thing this week.  When you succeed at that, attack something new the following week.  Then just keep getting better at stuff from there!

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Steve is the co-owner and head coach at AMP Fitness in downtown Boston.  He created AMP as a way to show people expert fitness can be affordable and fun and a powerful community can achieve great things through unrelenting positivity.  He is a lifelong learner and has a library that has many leather bound books and smells of rich mahogany.  When he’s not coaching at AMP he enjoys cooking all the things and re-watching the Notebook on Netflix.  He is also great at hugs.