Self Control

Self control or self regulation plays a key role in weight loss or fitness goals.  Here are some easy pointers that will help keep your health goals in perspective.

Play offense


Prep meals for the week, have healthy snacks in your bag or desk, or brush up on smoothie recipes to take to work with you. The more prep you do before your day even starts will set you up for success all day long.  Know which days are harder and more challenging than others and prepare ahead for them.

Chances are that if you are constantly unprepared for the week you will continue to make poor choices.  I know what is served at most office luncheons, you can't fool me! >:-l

Switch it up


Plain protein and steamed veggies can get old REALLY fast for the average person.  There are some rare people out there that can eat the same meals day in and day out, but for everyone else it is BORING!

If it's boring you are more likely to give it up.  There are some amazing healthy choices out there like delicious burgers or filling sausage casserole and even cookies!  Don't let boredom be the cause of derailment in your goals.


Not all at once


Don't try to attempt all new goals at carbs, no gluten, no dairy and all paleo.  There are so many ideals/beliefs out there when it comes to eating.  Some may ring true for you, but pick one new obstacle or challenge at a time.  The end goals doesn't seem so far away when we start with 1 hurdle to jump over.

Better yet, start by trying to improve one habit by only 1% each day.  You may be surprise ad how much that adds up over the course of a week, a month, and even a year!

Be OK with a slip up


Don't let a slip up ruin all your hard work. So you wake up after 2 hrs of sleep, had nothing prepped for breakfast and you crammed your kids frosted flakes down your throat....You know what?.....IT HAPPENS!!

Wipe the milk of your chin and move on!  We all slip up or have an 'off' day.  You don't need to throw in the towel and eat junk all day just because you had a slip up that morning.

If you get a flat tire you aren't going to say "Screw it!" and have it towed to the junk yard.  You're going to fix it and get back on the road.  This is no different.

Treats are not rewards but small joys in life

cakeRestricting yourself 24-7 is tough and a really high expectation to start with.  The more you restrict it the more you will crave it.  There is no need to cut out all the 'fun' food entirely.  Just have a satisfying portion instead of the whole thing.  So go ahead and have a slice of birthday cake, a beer out with friends or a scoop of cookie dough when baking with the kids.  It's all about the small joys in life so make sure to take them in!

It is important to remember that no food is inherently "bad" or should be labeled off-limits.  Your overall habits, however may be another story...