Safety & Etiquette for the Kettlebell Ninja

To help you train safe while you get stronger and sexy AF, we put together a short film to help you learn all about kettlebell safety and etiquette.  I mean, these things ARE made out of cast iron and can get pretty heavy.  You must respect the bell! Enjoy our little tribute to silent film!

Part 1: Safety

  1. Choosing Your Bell
    • Choose the kettlebell you are confident you can control.
    • Don't choose one you can't lift with proper technique, you'll get stronger faster with good technique.  We promise!
  2. How to Pick Up Your Kettlebell
    • Make it a habit to pick up each bell the same no matter how heavy it is.
    • Don't assume the little one won't cause trouble.
  3. Maintain a 'Neutral Spine'
    • The line from the back of your neck to your butt should be a 'gentle' curve.
    • Don't round your back like a candy cane or execssively arch your back like Niki Minaj.
  4. Cleaning the Kettlebell to the 'Racked' Position
    • Perform a 'clean' or 'safe clean' only.  Clean is with one hand and a safe clean is with 2 hands.
    • Don't forget rule # 2!
  5. Cleaning the Kettlebell to the 'Goblet' Position
    • Deadlift the kettlebell and continue pulling to chest height.
    • Don't forget rule #2!
  6. The Racked Position
    • Keep your wrist neutral.
    • Keep your forearm tucked to your ribcage.
    • Keep your elbow under your wrist.
    • Never hang out with your hand outside your armpit/body.
  7. Always Finish the Exercise
    • Safely finish each set and set the kettlebell down under control.
    • Don't stop in the middle of an exercise just because time is up. (We see this A LOT)
  8. When to Get Out Of the Way
    • Safely guide the bell down to earth if you're going to lose it.  It happens, be ready for it.
    • If you lose control of the bell, don't contest for space.  Get out of the way!
  9. Make Sure Your Space is Clear (not in the video but still important)
    • Make sure there aren't other bells or equipment lying around you can trip on.

Part 2: Etiquette

  1. Be Aware of Your BFF's Space
    • The person swinging the bell has the right of way.
    • Don't walk in front of a swinging bell for obvious reasons.
  1. Appropriate Use of Chalk
    • Use a brick of chalk to apply where the kettlebell rubs.
    • Do not scoop chalk dust or throw it in the air like Labron.  (It's not good for the vacuum either)