To Supplement or Not to Supplement: The Coaches Weigh In


We know there is a multi-billion dollar supplement industry that makes everything from herbal teas to multi-vitamins to a plethora of bodybuilding 'sups'.  They promise everything from better health to weight loss to bigger muscles to better sexy time.

There are thousands of types of pills, powders, drinks, gummies, and sizzurps... at one point or another, I'm sure you have tried a few or even use some of them regularly to stay healthy AF.

What supplements (if any) you include in your diet and why is highly individual because, you know, we all have different goals. So I asked the AMP coaching team to share what they take and why.

This will give you a little inside perspective into what expert trainers take.  Now, I realize that we are but few, but this will keep your choices informed before jumping on the 'brand-new-shiny-supplement' bandwagon because marketers are paid billions to sell you things. And we are not.

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Eric Temple

I wish I had some input here but I haven't taken any supplements/vitamins since August or September of 2015.  An occasional protein bar here and there, but that's it. 

It all comes back down to simplicity and sustainability for me and quality over quantity.  I am far from perfect when it comes to nutrition, but I have a good understanding of the fundamentals that my body needs to respond well. 

It's easy to feel we have to add more to get a greater effect.  It's really about basics, basics, basics.  


Steve Bergeron

When I was a younger man I tried a lot of different things to get healthy and strong (and jacked) but after years of education and the advancement of science I now stick to what works and is (mostly) proven.

Along with nailing my nutrition basics (water, veggies, fruit, lean meat) I fill in the gaps to keep my insides working just as well as my outsides. Each morning I take:

  • Athletic Greens - early morning ritual to make sure the first thing that goes into my body is water and micronutrients!
  • Mens Multi - half serving since I take greens and eat a ton of veggies.  It helps to fill in any gaps.
  • Fish oil - daily omega 3's since I admittedly don't eat a ton of fish
  • Vitamin D - because it's winter, but in the summer months I get sunshine! 

Sparingly I use:

  • Whey protein - Mostly I just add whey to smoothies a couple times a week or have a shake after a tough workout. When my training volume/intensity goes up, I take a bit more to ensure I'm recovering properly.
  • Creatine - for strength and recovery, especially when I'm training heavy.  It has other benefits, too, like memory and possibly nervous system stuff. Backed by actual science so it's cool.
  • Kombucha - (and other probiotics) to keep healthy mircrobiome! There's a colony of healthy bacteria I want to help flourish!


Stan Dutton

I take coffee (so much coffee) and have a ThinkThin bar every morning (mostly because it's early and I don't have time to make eggs) Macros are legit and they taste great.

I also take nootropics from time to time because #BrainGainz.

I don't take many supplements because my training/nutrition currently is pretty moderate. My biggest concern is moving well and staying healthy. If I increased training intensity, then I'd certainly start taking supplements to aide my food intake because it's hard for me to get in all the quality calories and micronutrients I'd need.


Kristin Callahan

The only thing I "take" regularly is caffeine. That high-octane, wakey juice for the morning jolt.  Lightning in a cup... you know, coffee.

I'm old school but I don’t really know enough about the different supplements so I just stick to a healthy diet and lots of water and sleep. And honestly it’s hard enough just to keep up with meal prep on a weekly basis.


Lindsay Bergeron

I do my best to stay healthy by eating whole foods and staying on top of my water intake but I know I can't always hit my baselines.  Supplements help me to fill in the gaps. I take a few things daily:

  • Vital proteins collagen peptides -  for healthy skin and nails while also getting extra protein
  • Prenatal vitamins - growing a baby duh, but I'll use daily vitamins regularly regardless of baby 
  • Fish oil - growing a baby again, but usually I don't use this
  • Vitamin D - because it's winter, but in the summer months I forgo this

Sparingly I use:

  • Orgain Plant based protein - when I want to bake with it or feel I lacked protein intake that day and am too lazy to make a meal
  • Creatine - helps with memory, but I tend to forget to take it......ironically 

The Takeaway

As you can see the coaching team at AMP doesn't use anything crazy or earth shattering.  They either nail their nutrition and don't feel they need supplements or they know where they are lacking and fill in the holes.  

Of all the vitamins, pre workouts, BCAAs, protein powders, diet pills to help you reach your goals...  the REAL rockstar is actually food and water! Supplements are like sprinkles on a cupcake (the cupcake being your diet). They give it a little sumpthin' sumpthin' but the cupcake will always be the main event!


Do your best to eat good quality whole food and nail your nutrition baselines.  When you're not getting certain macros or micros, fill in that gap!

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