New Class: Movement Fuel

We design our Team Training Classes at AMP Fitness to give all our Super Humans the ability to choose the sessions that fit their goals.  We have CORE for the essentials, Kettlebell Training for Strength, and AMP Inferno for conditioning.  Basically all the things that will help you look, move and feel your best! This allows you to train 2-4 times per week to harness the power of all of these well-rounded fitness qualities without having to  train every single day.  We’re all here to make progress and get 1% better everyday, and at AMP, this all starts with MOVEMENT and that's a skill we work on in EVERY SINGLE SESSION.

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But we wanted MORE and we wanted to help everyone focus on one at a time so we decided to add one more session to the roster: MOVEMENT FUEL!

Why More Movement?

A body in motion stays in motion, it's as simple as that.  Your body craves it.  Much in the same way your stomach craves food at lunch.  Healthy and purposeful movement is essential to maintaining and improving your overall health and happiness.  Once you start to lose movement, it can become increasingly harder to partake in the activities and master the ninja skills that help you live your best life.

Movement can mean many different things to everyone, but here at AMP we use movement to accomplish all sorts of feats for your body and your life.  Whether this is getting up and down from the ground with ease, being able to hike a mountain with a loved one, or just putting some heavy weight on a bar and lifting it.

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Unfortunately, there can be many aspects of body position, joint motion and muscle control that get in the way of functional, healthy movement, preventing you from moving forward each day.  On top of that, there’s only so many hours in the week to devote to improving these qualities without taking up residence at AMP (although we’d love to have you).  

How Will You Benefit?

We basically built a class on the foundations of healthy movement, physical therapy and strength training to help you overcome common movement issues that are holding you back from your fitness goals! You’ll have the opportunity to spend an entire hour on what we like to call “movement self-care”, where you’ll be working on various low-intensity exercises to help improve your movement quality.

Each month we’ll be focusing on one of our fundamental movements such as: 

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  • Squat
  • Hinge
  • Push
  • Pull
  • Core Stuff

These are the things that will help give a super power boost to the rest of your fitness and best life goals.  If you move better you can train harder, play harder, get better results and have more fun!

"It’s really easy and fun to get strong and focus on your big muscles with exercises like the squat, bench and deadlift.  However, it’s easy to forget to take care of your smaller muscles and joints.  This class really helps you focus on the things that you otherwise wouldn’t focus on to keep you healthy and strong."- Shari

How Do I Get In?!

Movement Fuel will be on our weekly roster in the Secret Lair (the room behind the Bat Cave) on Mondays at noon, Tuesdays at 6pm and Fridays at 7am! Get ready to own your movement and take your skills to the next level!  SCHEDULE HERE


Not a Member yet? Want to learn more and join the fitness party?  Come by for the grand tour and to chat with a coach about your goals!

Mike is AMP's full time physical therapist and also coaches all of the Superhumans towards epic fitness gainz.  He writes at and is passionate about educating.  He's a super-fan of the Broadway musical soundtrack, Hamilton, and can sing each track word for word.