Jess Passarelli

We hope you are as excited as we are to welcome the newest coach to our #AMPfamily…

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the main stage, the seventh wonder of the fitness world, the high flying, hand walking ninja, the Olympic lifting phenomenon, a modern-day Wonder Woman, and all around sweet-as-pie human, Jess!


She’s ready to help you nail your fitness goals, unlock your greatest strength, and have way too much fun while working out with the rest of the coaching team here at AMP. Without further adieu…

Jess Passarelli

Jess Square.JPG

a.k.a. J-Pass, a.k.a. Lady Guns, a.k.a. ‘The Nice One’

Hometown: Billerica, MA

Fitness Creds: BS in exercise science, certified personal trainer (ACE)

Fitness Wisdom: Small improvements every day can lead to big changes over time. #OnePercentBetter

Favorite Superhero?  Captain Marvel (she’s badass!)

Favorite thing about AMP? All of the amazing people in the AF community that I’ve met and those I’m excited to meet!

Why are you excited to join the AMP Fitness Team?

First, I'm most excited to join the AMP team because of how awesome the community is. I could tell it was special the first time I walked in the door. Also I’ve seen first hand how the coaches actually care about their members and I want to be a part of that.

What do you love about coaching?

I know how much fun fitness and strength training can be and I LOVE showing other people that they can have fun while working out… even if they don’t love working out. I also love helping people build confidence in themselves by helping them find things they CAN do.

Why did you get into personal training?

I used to be VERY intimidated and scared of setting foot in they gym. It took time and consistency until I got more comfortable with my body and finding my own strength and I wanted to help other people overcome their roadblocks so they can lead the health lifestyle they aspire to.

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How would you describe your training style?

I take a practical movement-based approach and help people build strength while having fun. My training style is a mix of everything from traditional strength training to powerlifting to bodyweight exercises and gymnastics.

What are some of your other passions/hobbies in life?

I love ice cream and watching movies. Gotta balance that trainer lifestyle. ;-)

I’ve competed in gymnastics for over 10 years which was an early passion of mine. I’ve also competed in swimming, diving, and track and field, and olympic lifting. I find intrinsic challenge good for the soul!

How do you plan to help AF Members succeed?

I’m excited to encourage and motivate our Members to reach their goals by helping them have fun while they workout and learn new training skills. Learning new things is a great way to stay motivated and excited to keep going!

What is your top secret ninja skill?

I’m really good at walking on my hands!