Our Approach Fat Loss: Why We Don't Sell Diets

At AMP Fitness we don't offer or sell diets. We don't make meal plans or advertise 30-day cleanses or fast detoxes before starting our program. We also don't make promises that our nutrition program is a one-size fits all or in anyway magic or the 'best on the market'.

It seems like everywhere you look nowadays marketing is (still) depicting their version of the "perfect" body type. What's worse is that what the marketers are selling is quick-fixes that don't work and the belief that you need to look a certain way to be happy and successful.


The narrative that the media portrays is that being smaller (or less) equals better and that there is something wrong with you if:

  1. You don’t care about weight loss or fitness
  2. You are overweight or even remotely larger than what is seen in media

We just can't get behind those kind of toxic messages. Therefore, we choose not to support the fad-diet and fat-fearful culture that the media portrays. And we just can't sell something that we don't believe in, anything that isn't backed by science, or just plain old doesn't work for REAL people.

So let's take a look at a better path. There

What DO we believe in?

First, we're certainly NOT against weight loss.  In fact, it's a great goal on the path to optimal health and fitness.  Especially when it will help you live your best life.  But it’s not the end-all-be-all for health and happiness and it's not always what you think.

We also believe there are many paths to a healthy lifestyle and everyone should be able to decide what that means to them.  Obviously health should be a priority if you want to live to be old AF and still be able to tie your shoes, read fine print or play with your great grandchildren.

So what, exactly, do we recommend to do? Well, first...

Seek Guidance Rather Than Meal Plans.


At AMP, we offer support, guidance and coaching to honor each person's individual journey.  We talk and ask questions to encourage each person to think critically about what they really want to accomplish on their nutritional journey.

That's what a coach does.

The problem with meal plans is that they don't take into account the real 'you'.  The one that has to work long hours, make quick decisions, go out on the weekends, and has had a whole lifetime of creating habits.

We've found that having a coach guide you towards making 'your own' better choices will help you feel better about when you're doing and create long-term sustainable habit change.  Working with a coach has also been shown to help people become more "neutral" with the emotions that surround body image and generally happier all together. #YASSS

Looking for a little extra guidance to navigate your own nutrition goals?  Check out our 12-Month Nutrition Coaching Program !

Understand, It's Going To Take Time!

Time is the secret ingredient for lasting change and most of us (myself included) vastly underestimate how much is actually needed.

Most of us have spent our whole lives building habits and traits that have lead us to where we are this very moment.  And we are the sum of those habits, both good and bad.


External influences from friends and family to the media have helped to create an internal narrative of that self-image and it's going to take time to understand and unpack things to move forward in a better version of yourself.

The research shows a HUGE window of sometime between about 2 weeks and one year to create a habit.  In other words, we're not quite sure.  But one thing we do understand is that it takes time, sometimes a lot.

And if it's going to take time, it must be sustainable which is why we follow Precision Nutrition's approach with a 12-month program that focuses on building small habits over time.  Short plans have their time and place but you must understand that it's going to take time to make big and long lasting change.


But I Want To Loose Weight, NOW!

YES! I LOVE that you're excited to get better and nail your health and fitness goals. Now, use that motivation to go take action!

When you are getting started, we encourage you to ask yourself better questions to understand why weight loss is something you are searching for.

  • Is it for health or medical reasons?
  • Do you want to move and feel better?
  • Do you want to be more attractive for more sexy time?
  • A combination of things?

The next thing is to ask yourself if the reason you seek fat loss is the truth or you need something else. Or is it because you feel like you should fit a certain mold?

Knowing 'why' you want to lose fat will help you gain clarity and prepare you with the motivation you're going to need to get the results you're looking for. 

My Friend Is On A Diet, Is That Okay?

As those around you jump on different diets, cleanses and detoxes, the best thing you can do is talk.  Talk with each other and speak with a coach to help understand what it is you need and want on your path.

  • Ask honest questions.
  • Hesistate to give advice or tell someone what they “really” should be doing.
  • Talk about the hard things.
  • Learn from each other.

We are each on our own journey to find what helps us feel out best, and we won’t all take the same path to get there. The truth is that a lot of things work, just not for everyone. And some options are better than others.

Wrapping It Up

Healthy looks different on everyone and your nutritional journey is all your own.  We just hope that it it coming from a place of self-love and compassion, not hate or fat-phobia.

We don't judge those who want to try different diets or cleanses but here at AMP we believe in standing behind a healthier, more sustainable approach.

Need help on your fitness journey? We got you!